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45% of NFL Fans are female.


Website Features

  • Automated – new content added daily. Keeping your site fresh in Google’s eyes and benefiting your ranking without maintenance. This makes running your website extremely easy! The amount of time this saves you is a huge value alone.
  • Filled with relevant content that is tailored specifically to this niche and this website’s audience. Gives readers high quality information, gives the website authority, and adds tremendous value to the site.
  • Great design and professional appearance with revenue streams that are elite in website development.
  • Custom unique design for all 32 NFL Teams
  • Easy to run website
  • Option to manually add articles, pictures, video, pages
  • Mobile phone responsive design
  • Over 3000 plus pages of quality content


Custom Page Design for all NFL 32 TEAMS

Purchase this desirable keyword rich domain name and let it make money for you. Get a head start on your competition with this keyword rich domain name. Over 4 million searches per month for “NFL”. 1.5 millon monthly searches for football.  It is 100% automated with multiple streams of passive income potential. The site has Adsense, ClickBank and Affiliate products all ready to go. In addition it has its own Store with a number of products related to this Niche (integrated with Amazon). You simply change out the affiliate links and then, “Set it, and Forget it!” The site can run on autopilot from there on out.


FemaleMVP.com  is a keyword rich domain name, very desirable for search engine optimization and search engine ranking. The website has been optimized so that each post made is search engine friendly and automatically indexed in the search engines for maximum traffic.





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